Terrific support once more! It was exactly what we had requested and arranged with the removal crew beforehand. The three movers were relaxed, efficient, and extremely competent!
Our personal items were handled with gentle care from start to finish.
Timothy W.18/12/2023
Could not be more pleased with these amazing movers! They were very gentle and considerate when dealing with my full-scale piano. Will most certainly use Movers again in the future!
T. Wood27/02/2023
GooD, reliable and affordable moving service from Removal Company. Can't ask for much more than that.
I have a big family and their movers were happy to work around us. It wasn't convenient, but they didn't complain, just got on with it. I was amazed they got everything done in the allotted amount of time. Clapham Movers are a team of professionals alright.
E. Kenny06/11/2017
A removal firm that is a cut above. I love being in business with Moving Clapham. I am sure to do business with them again.
I just want to say how happy I am with Removal Company. This is my second time working with them and again they didn't disappoint. I hired them to help me relocate to my new house last week and there was a lot to move. The two men managed to load everything so quickly and even finished earlier than I expected. Although they were pretty fast, they were very careful with my belongings. They were even considerate enough to ask what they need to take or leave. Excellent man with van service and a low cost!
T. Brown28/10/2016
I was over the moon with the man and van hire we used when we were moving some business stock to our shop. We hired a local company called Moving Firm and they provided the van in a size to suit our load. The office was helpful and offered advice and support. The man and van was helpful as the driver also loaded and unloaded, that way they secured the load properly. The cost of the service was inexpensive too! I have to say the vans were lovely, clean and all fully insured. The driver followed all of the safety practises, so everything was delivered safely.
A. Reed27/10/2015
All I could want in a removals company! Removals advertise that they have years of experience and that clearly shows with them. They are fantastic. I would highly recommend them and will use them again if I decide to relocate in the future. I have tried many relocation companies in the past but they cannot compare to this one. Great job, guys! Thanks for helping me in such a great way!
Being a single mum, I know that moving home is tricky - a) because I don't exactly have a significant other around to lift heavy objects into a van, and b) I don't even own a van! So basically I had to look into other options. Thankfully it wasn't long before I stumbled upon Movers Clapham and learnt about their range of service. Upon finding out that their removals team were second to none, I made sure I rang to get a quote immediately, and boy was I glad I did! The guys were excellent and, to my surprise, the cost of hiring the team was pretty decent! Will definitely keep the team in mind for next time! Maybe they can help me with a move to the South of France one day! That'd be lovely (they do international removals too!).
S. Gibbs24/06/2015
Moving with ClaphamRemovals was a thorough pleasure. They made the whole experience of shifting so easy on me that I was left with more time and energy to concentrate on other things. All I had to do was to tell them what to pack and they handled every bit of the move from then on. Moving in to my new home was also stress-free as they helped a lot with the unpacking. Thanks for the relaxing move, guys!
Alex L.03/12/2014
Having now, a couple of weeks after my move, finally feel as if I've settled in, I want to take the time to recommend ClaphamRemovals to others who may be looking for a good removal firm. Needless to say, since my move I have checked everything, emptied all the boxes and unpacked everything else and am delighted to say that not one thing was broken or lost. I'm not that surprised however because watching the removal men at work it was clear they had experience and possibly training in handling household contents. I would recommend this company if you want a less stressful removal day.
Helen Davies13/08/2014
ClaphamRemovals's packing service really helped me out of a jam when I got stuck for time for my house move. I had a whole house to pack in just a few days, and with work and family obligations it just wasn't something I could achieve. Luckily, the packers from this company were available, and they packed up my house without any problems whatsoever. My office equipment and computer monitors were packed with really dependable and solid protective materials to prevent damages, and everything was labelled up really well, using a system that made unpacking just as simple. I can't thank the people who helped me enough for making my move so easy!
Jay M.25/07/2014
Knowing that I have the organizational abilities of a goldfish, I was dreading having to find a removals company to do our recent office removal. However, it turns out that I chose well, as ClaphamRemovals made light work if what was looking like a really rather difficult removal! I hope that anyone reading this can appreciate how helpful it is to have a team of people that can totally cover for the fact that you don't know what you are doing at work, and that is exactly what I got! Incredible stuff.
Michael Stewart07/07/2014
If you are looking for some sort of removals help then there is only one company worth calling, and I say that as someone who has used a number of different options in the past. I've had bad and good experiences, but only one has left me waxing lyrical about what they have to offer and that option is ClaphamRemovals. They were hugely helpful to me and wanted to make sure that I had everything I needed at all times in order to make sure that the moving experience was nice and simple. They're now my first choice movers.
M. Hansen26/06/2014
Last week, when my wife and I were moving, we hadn't a clue who to choose for moving. From our experience, we know that moving tends to be hectic, which is why we were over the moon when we found ClaphamRemovals. We were so very impressed with the service we received from this company and we would not hesitate at all to hire them again for their truly excellent services. Plus, their prices are so good and so reasonable, so unlike with many companies, you don't have to pay out a fortune with this company! We couldn't be happier!!!
I was on the move again thanks to my husband's new job. It was in a different area and we didn't have long to arrange a move as we soon found a buyer for our place. ClaphamRemovals were suggested to us by a friend and we called them hoping they could fit in with our tight schedule. We didn't have to worry it was no problem to them as they were used to short notice request. Everything was organised swiftly and we basically got the job done at record speed. The price was good too, so I just want to say thanks everyone and excellent service.
Cynthia Broke28/03/2014
With the help of ClaphamRemovals, we were able to take a move which we were quite worried about and turn it into something a lot easier. I've had bad moves in the past, where things have broken, the lorry has been too small, the staff were unfriendly, but this time I was left fantastically pleased. These guys made sure that every box was treated with the utmost care and I don't think I've ever seen men move so fast. They were in and out in no time at all, making the entire process of moving home the easiest thing in the world.
I can't think of one thing that ClaphamRemovals could have done better. They have a really great removal van hire service that's really quick and easy, plus it's very affordable as well, which was perfect for me as my house move was costing enough money as it was! I hired a really good and solid removal van that fit everything I needed to into it, and I managed to move without anything going wrong at all thanks to the experienced help of this removals company! I can't recommend them enough and will be using the service again should I need to!
Phillip G.23/01/2014
I have moved house a number of times before, and therefore was pretty certain that I'd have a similarly tough time with this move. However, ClaphamRemovals were on hand to ensure that everything went smoothly. They helped with everything from planning to execution, and it could not have been easier! Frankly I think they are the best removals company that I have ever used, so it is nice to be able to pass on the recommendation to those reading this review!
Chris Evans03/01/2014
Moving house is never going to be any fun, but I'm pretty sure that I got about as close to that dream as is humanly possible this weekend, as I moved house up to Edinburgh with my family. ClaphamRemovals had a lot to do with ensuring that we were well looked after, as they seemed to have their head in the game at all times, and were extremely good at everything that they needed to get done. We enjoyed talking to the guys form the company on the long drive up to the new place, and they were nice to have around the house on the day of the move as well.
Tracy Francis06/12/2013
I was really pleased with how well the removal that I just underwent proceeded. It was a real surprise to deal with a bunch of lovely gentlemen who made my move feel like a walk in the park! If you have never used ClaphamRemovals before, then you should try them out, as they really know their stuff! It is rare that I find that I feel compelled to write about a company online, but this lot really were excellent! Highly recommended for all!
Letitia M.18/11/2013
It's not like me to go on a website to write about things that have impressed me, perhaps because I am rarely impressed by anything! The team from ClaphamRemovals however, were amazing on our recent move, so I thought they deserved our endorsement. The staff were very polite and nice to work with, whilst also being extremely hard grafters. We had a very easy time because of their hard work, and there was nothing left wanting at any point, so you know you have had a job done well after that! Nice work all round essentially.
Gerard Harrison06/11/2013
Being an older lady, I have to get help for a lot of things. Unfortunately my son was not around to help me on the day that I needed to move, so he helped me book the team from ClaphamRemovals for the removal day itself. I was a little apprehensive about the idea of strangers being in my house, but the boys were all very friendly and helpful, letting me know what was going on at every turn, which was certainly helpful. I can safely say that they helped me out of a tight spot, and I would certainly use them again!
Wendy T.25/10/2013
I often worry that my valuable items are in trouble whilst in the van when I'm moving house, but in this case it was not an issue. I could see how well the packers at ClaphamRemovals had protected everything, and was extremely happy with the results. The team were hands on and helpful with advice on anything I was worried about, so I was always well aware of what was going on with my valuables, and who was handling what. Many thanks to the staff for a fast and friendly move.
Charly Knowles15/10/2013

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